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Goddess Reviews

What Others Have Said

Aia June – an incredible Goddess who holds an effervescent presence; enveloping you in a blend of her warmth, wisdom and vibrancy.


Aia has a wealth of scientific wisdom and understanding of how the mind and psyche works, which combined with her ability to connect to people and help them to explore their own shadows and deeper inner knowing’s, creates a powerful outcome of healing and acceptance.

~ Clare 

Aia came to me at a moment that I needed, a time that I desired to make change. I am 60. I am a long-time believer in the health benefits of massage. What changed for me with Aia was I have never had a healer who fused child/woman/mother into a focused healing practice. She was able to find the areas of trauma in my body, massage them focusing on a woman’s body, teach me to visualize them, and accept them as a part of me that I don’t have to keep - I can let them go.

~ Beth

Clare is one of the most powerful women I've ever had the privilege of meeting on this globe. She holds space like no other; a Womb Priestess and Super-Goddess, the kind of deeply nourishing strong Crone energy that any woman craves to meet upon her path. 

Her wisdom is unrivalled.

Her energy is incredible.

Her passion is so strong it seeps through your veins and pierces your heart. I highly recommend attending any and all spaces she holds.

~ Aia

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