It's time
to return
to yourself.


Along the way, Goddess, we've lost ourselves; to bright lights, family noise, and persistent internal chaos. It's time, Goddess, to find

yourself again.

To heal.

To reclaim.

To re·wild!


If you wish to dance in my sacred fire

and get lost in my deepest desire

then I invite you to stay.

If you're looking for mystical, magical

alchemy that will set the world aflame,

be ready to burn in the light of your

authentic truth.

But be warned, there is no way back. 

This divine heat will consume you,

and burn from you all thoughts of

a normal life.

To move within this flame is to let go

of the shore and embrace the


and the unknown.

This is deep soul nourishment.

This is union with the Wild Feminine.

C. Ara Campbell