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Clare Spink



Embodied Feminine Alchemist


Aia June

Trauma Expert

Advanced Transformational Therapist

About Clare

Founder of The Empowered Feminine, Embodied Rhythmic Massage and Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy.


For the past 20 years, Clare has worked in the Holistic & Natural Health industry focusing on women’s health. The past 10 years have seen Clare train 800+ therapists worldwide, creating a growing global sisterhood of womb-therapists

Ignited by a deep passion for helping women to reconnect, reawaken and heal their bodies, her focus is to bring her knowledge of massage and energy work, along with unravelling trauma patterns; unifying them into one holistic treatment – The Empowered Feminine.


With many existing courses focusing universally on spiritual treatments, The Empowered Feminine was developed to offer therapies based upon massage, trauma and meditative teachings, with the aim of resolving disconnect and emotional entanglements.


About Aia

Science-trained and sacred-inspired, womb/yoni mapping + trauma release massage therapist.

Aia is a shadow therapist, weaving neuroscience with spiritual alignment, conventional medical therapeutic approach with holistic, intuitive, and ancient practices.

Her practice today was inspired by the utter mis-alignment in which Aia lived her life; successful on paper yet struggling inside. A global traveler with no sense of 'home'. Today, she works primarily with survivors of early life sexual trauma, men and women seeking to reclaim wholeness and safety with the intimate selves, women carrying wounds as excess weight, and couples in pursuit of re-wilding their passion and healthier relationship connection.

Aia herself is in a nearly decade-long, ethically non-monogamous relationship and facilitates couples transitioning to an alternative relationship style.