#GiftAGoddess giveaway

It's time to start manifesting!

Goddess, we want YOU with US in Tulum! Turquoise Caribbean waters, tropical blue lagoons, a stunning, secluded retreat paradise home, and five days of the most intensive transformation and pleasure reclamation you've ever known!

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Giveaway Details

We've officially launched our GIFT A GODDESS giveaway!
One beautiful woman you love will win an all-expenses paid* week in sunny Mexico, diving deep into one of the most powerful self-healing journeys ever set out.


Who do you know that deserves this life-changing retreat??

Your mother? Daughter? Partner? Friend?

We're looking for the beautiful soul who's spent her years giving to everyone else - it's time for HER to indulge


We're looking for the beautiful soul who's burnt out, worn out, exhausted from the myriad of tasks she juggles day-in and day-out - it's time for HER to rest.


We're looking for the beautiful soul who carries wounds that are not her own... who comes from a difficult past and deserves to be FREE - it's time for HER to fly!


This isn't one of those typical yoga/vegan paradise retreats where she'll be asked to bend herself into pretzel'y positions all day long... .... No. (not that there's anything wrong with yogis and vegans and pretzels) - this is a retreat for her to reset, recharge, reclaim. This is mind, body, and deep soul nourishment. Connection, reflection, and growth. This is shadow work and basking in light, breathing, dancing, and connecting to the earth

This is a return to her primal feminine.


Who do you know that deserves to be here?

And..... If she's ready, so are we!


Here are the details of our Gift A Goddess giveaway:

1. Think of the woman who most in your life deserves to GET AWAY

2. Ask for her blessing - this is a trauma healing retreat. This is a shadow work retreat. This experience is about reclaiming sexuality, sensuality, and PLEASURE! As with anything intimately-linked, consent is priority #1

  • Is she ready to look inward?

  • Is she ready to face her past?

  • Is she willing to release her wounds?

  • Is she spiritually, energetically inclined?

  • Is she comfortable learning about and sharing her story of trauma, sensuality, and sexuality in a group setting? (healing circles, reflective writing sessions, embodied movement practices, womb + yoni reconnection, ancient medicine lessons)

This is NOT just a tropical giveaway. This is DEEP SOUL HEALING (and she needs to want it).


This is a powerful transformation space held by two strong, trauma-informed women who aren't here to play on the surface... This journey is about going DEEP into the darkness in order to make room for LIGHT.

Do you know who you're choosing? Great!

3. Now. tell us about her!

Tag us (@GoddessResurrectedRetreat) in a post about the woman you love who deserves this opportunity more than anyone else. It can be a photo of you together, a photo of her, anything that you believe will best reflect her story. Write about her openly and authentically, tell the world her magic (without revealing anything sensitive she may not wish to reveal). Tell us all why and how this experience in healing trauma and reclaiming pleasure will change her life.


The Goddess Giveaway begins when you read this and will close on June 23rd, 2022 at 11:11am. The Goddess' story with the most love and support (likes, shares, comments) will win! (easy peasy!) - She will be contacted 1:1 by retreat hosts Aia and Clare to be notified of her winning, will have the opportunity to accept/decline, and will be announced publically on June 24th, 2022

So, my love... It's time to dig deep and decide whose life you're ready to change.

Posts can go up anytime they're ready! Get consent, tell her story, tag us there - so we can see! - and share the love We'll be helping to share as well!

*NOTE: Please inform her that ground transportation and airfare to and from Cancun are not included

- giveaway is for a MAIDEN Package spot on the retreat, an $1800 USD value, offering your Goddess shared accommodations (2 queen beds in a dream glamping tent) for 5 days and 4 nights at Casa Maya Ka'an in Tulum, Mexico, food and non-alcoholic beverages included, personalized welcome basket, 5 days of inclusive retreat programming, healing workshops, evening ceremonies, and deeply transformative connection circle experiences. 

Full contest rules and conditions are available here, by contacting @GoddessResurrectedRetreat directly or by email,


We're always open to connecting 1:1 and answering any retreat or experience questions you may have.