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Immerse Yourself.



Welcome to your first step upon a transformational journey of deep, soul-level re-connection. This is a bold action you've taken in telling yourself, "I deserve more!".


Yes, Goddess, you do.

You deserve,

  • deeper healing

  • more pleasure

  • stronger sensuality

  • enlivened creativity

  • meaningful connection

  • wellness and vitality

  • more wild

  • return to primal self

  • more FULL-BODIED YES! 

Welcome to a 5-day journey deep into feminine wisdom, shadow work, womb healing, and PLEASURE ACTIVATION.

This is a return to your inner Self, your inner child, your inner WLD.

It's radical self-love, fierce self-acceptance, and soul-nourishing pathway to intuition, alignment, and toe-curling indulgence free of shame, social conditioning, and the limiting beliefs you've held for far too long.

Womb healing

- womb mapping workshops

- early life trauma processing 

- yoni reclamation

- return to Sensual Self


- Science + holistic trained practitioners

- safe, held, and honoured group sharing with access to 1:1 support


- deep immersion in an idyllic Caribbean setting

- digital detox encouraged (but not required)

- ancient medicine workshops

- optional microdosing + psilocybin-assisted therapy available


- a return to primal, tribal roots - connected deeply with an authentic and vulnerable circle of sisters

- transformative reflections

- life-changing connections

- evolution + expansion in safety and love